​​​A global network of scholars supporting evidence-based change.

Global Research for Women!, or GROW!, is an interdisciplinary, global initiative supported by ​Emory University to advance scholarship, leadership, and dialogue that catalyzes empowerment, health, and freedom from violence for women and girls globally.
The guiding principle of GROW! is that women’s and girls’ empowerment is a pillar of sustainable development and is inextricably linked with their health and freedom from violence.
The strategic priorities of GROW! are to advance scholarship, to cultivate leadership, and to generate dialogue that catalyzes social change through evidence-based policies, programs, and collective action for women’s and girls’ empowerment.




GROW! affiliates conduct state-of-the-art social-behavioral and intervention research on the interplay between women's and girls' empowerment, health, and gender-based violence. Email us for a copy of any article!
Senior GROW! affiliates are committed to mentoring the next generation of scholars and practitioners who will advance the mission and strategic priorities of GROW!
GROW! disseminates research findings via global media blasts, policy dialogues, and public scholarship to change scholarly and public discourses on women's empower-ment, health, and freedom from violence. 
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GROW! partners with individuals and institutions locally and globally.
Dr. Yount and GROW! affiliates have conducted research in, sent students to, or implemented interventions in dozens of countries, including Bangladesh, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Colombia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Liberia, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Qatar, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, the United States of America, and Vietnam. This list continues to GROW!